Monday, November 29, 2010

Let me be your Fall pic update 11/29/2010

Well, my latest spicy set is up at . It was my premier of my new darker hair color. (that I am still not use to lol) I got to pose on soft, luxurious velvety blankets that felt so good against my skin. I swear I could roll around naked on them for hours!! hee hee I loved the colors on this particular set. What do you think?? I always thought the autumn pallette complemented my coloring. This was my post-Thanksgiving Tribute to fall. Now I have over 1200 pics on my site. I can't believe I have really posed for so many pics already.It seems like it has taken forever to get to this point. But I have loved EVERY minute of it!! Well, there may have been a time or 2 that I had a major headache and wish I was elsewhere instead of trying to look sexy under bright lights in an uncomfortable position. 

I hope you enjoy my latest set. And please if you like reading my blog,then why not be a follower?! Anyhoo, I have some exciting news to share but I am going to devote a whole other blog to it!! So please stay tuned....blogs & kisses.Chanel

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