Monday, January 10, 2011

Something fit for a me ;)

In my hours daily , spent online I discover lots of new things, some good, some bad and some a mix of both!! lol I discovered something VERY interesting recently in my many hours surfing the net...something I wanted. A piece of furniture known as a "queening stool" or "queening furniture". Now for those of you that aren't familiar with this, let me tell you a bit about this fascinating "chair". 

It has been around for ages. The "queening stool", a device used for "face-sitting or smothering" was first recorded on Egyptian hieroglyphs. Many other civilizations had similar devices in place. Specially trained male slaves in ancient China were used to pleasure the ladies at court orally. The ladies would lift their skirt with the slave in place underneath and then would use the skirt to hide the slave and any tell tale sign of her "oral pleasures". This would allow them to have secret orgasms with other people present, although I do NOT know how. Myself I am VERY vocal at that time and am thrusting and thrashing and flopping away like a fish out of water. I do not think I would fool anyone!! lol 

This practice was also copied in Japanese brothels. Seats with an opening used for oral sex with the woman in the "queening position" are also found in Persian history. They were called appropriately enough,"man-face" chairs. Indian graffiti suggests they had the same practice as well. In medieval times, womens long skirts came in handy as they could be pleased under them, while their husbands were away in battle, so they felt technically they were still faithful. But I wonder how this was possible if women wore "chastity belts".Hmmm.

The designs of these chairs vary from modern, 21st century stainless steel versions to classic antique but they all are designed with the same purpose in mind with a seat for the woman with a special opening for the man's tongue and mouth to reach the "queen's" intimate area. The men play the subservient role , under the woman's ass and pussy. Normally, these chairs have handcuffs or some similar device to keep the "slave" confined to his subservient position, trapped under his mistresses privates.

What secretly turns me on most about this delightful chair is that the whole chair and the act are wholly devoted to her orgasm and her pleasure!! The man's wants or needs (in this scenario) are of little importance if any at all.
Her pussy demands attention!! I admit I just love this whole scenario!! The woman is totally in control and she is not outright humiliating the man like in many other BDSM scenarios, unless you consider using his face as a sex toy humiliating!! ;) lol I think most guys would appreciate a woman squatting over him, gyrating and grinding on his face until she feels the overwhelming,mind-altering, pleasurable waves of orgasm. What do you think?? Anyone game?? ;) I am always up for new adventures.

Check out the website link below that I found some of these cool pieces of kinky furniture at. It was very eye-opening for me and if you like your sex on the kinky side, then you will not be at all disappointed. There is something kinky for everyone. 

I have also heard that many people construct their own pieces of queening furniture and I think that is so cool. I only wish I knew how to make stuff like that or knew someone that would make one for me. I saw a homemade one that I so wish I could modify. It was made from a toilet seat hooked up to springs on a platform. (kinda like those kids riding horses are made) When the girl sat on the seat she could gently bounce up and down on her lover's cock without her legs/knees getting tired. The problem I saw was the girl on top was very skinny, nowhere near the 300+ lbs. I weigh and the bottom of the toilet seat had bolts sticking out that I could see where it would  end up poking into whoever is underneath it. Cushioning underneath the seat might make things more comfortable for the person underneath. I am not sure how well it would work for oral pleasure but for woman on top sex it looked really fun!!



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