Monday, March 14, 2011

Chanel Cartoon

Well, it has been a while. Again I am sorry for the delay in writing. I have literally been going thru a lot of crap lately and i have been honestly overwhelmed. And because of that I have been limiting my online socializing. But I am back.

There has been someone that I have wanted to write about for a while now and there is no time like the present. Rampant404 is a talented artist and I have seen his work on several BBW social network sites and have always liked and admired his work. He nicely agreed to do a portrait of me and I was quite pleased with the end result. I feel like I am part of my own Chanel cartoon or comic book!! :) Be sure you check out his awesome blog, right here on blogger and let him know Chanel sent you! lol So what do you think?? Drop me a line.