Monday, November 29, 2010

Let me be your Fall pic update 11/29/2010

Well, my latest spicy set is up at . It was my premier of my new darker hair color. (that I am still not use to lol) I got to pose on soft, luxurious velvety blankets that felt so good against my skin. I swear I could roll around naked on them for hours!! hee hee I loved the colors on this particular set. What do you think?? I always thought the autumn pallette complemented my coloring. This was my post-Thanksgiving Tribute to fall. Now I have over 1200 pics on my site. I can't believe I have really posed for so many pics already.It seems like it has taken forever to get to this point. But I have loved EVERY minute of it!! Well, there may have been a time or 2 that I had a major headache and wish I was elsewhere instead of trying to look sexy under bright lights in an uncomfortable position. 

I hope you enjoy my latest set. And please if you like reading my blog,then why not be a follower?! Anyhoo, I have some exciting news to share but I am going to devote a whole other blog to it!! So please stay tuned....blogs & kisses.Chanel

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Countdown Begins....

Well, I guess it is now official...the holiday season is now officially underway. Only 28 more days until Xmas. Only 24 more until my 41st birthday!! I can hardly believe I am going to be that old. I hardly feel  it. I guess there are days when I do feel my age slowly creeping up on me and wish I didn't. lol I must say being born so close to Xmas, I always got jipped when it came to presents...I always managed to get that lumped together "combination Xmas/birthday" present. As a child, I hated it but as I got older, it usually meant I got better, more expensive presents so it wasn't quite as bad!! ;) hee hee
I dread going grocery shopping this time of year...especially since I do all my grocery shopping at the Super WalMart (which is conveniently open 24 hrs. a day). I am just trying to buy my food for the month and then I have to stand and wait in line for an hour because everyone goes there to buy Christmas presents. WalMart has no competition in our town, no Target or KMart, no toy stores or music stores. Well, I take that back for music...we have Best Buy. We have plenty of expensive little gift shops, clothing shops and 2 expensive dept. stores.(very small though) We don't even have a Kohl's.
 As for holiday shopping, I have no worries because I don't exchange gifts with anyone which is a shame because I love shopping for gifts and then taking them home and wrapping them special. I love picking out just the perfect present for someone. Most of my friends and I have stopped exchanging gifts due to finances or we just never exchanged gifts.
 My family no longer does the gift thing...they do "secret santa". However,since I am so far away I am never included which seems a bit unfair to me. When I was growing up there were maybe 15+ people to shop for, so when all the kids turned 18, they decided it was time to stop gift-giving for anyone over the age of 18, unless you wanted to buy them something. For instance, my Grandma was in her 80's so most people still got her something. My immediate family always got me presents but they are gone now. Christmas just hasn't been the same since then. I also no longer get any birthday gifts and I admit it makes me sad. Honestly, I cannot tell you the last time I unwrapped a birthday gift. And I still celebrate my birthday, cake and all.(mostly cake lol) I hope to do something special for my birthday this year. I am wanting to go to Myrtle Beach,SC for the weekend and eat at this cute restaurant that has all the waiters dressed as pirates with a real lagoon with swimming mermaids in it. It is an all you can eat buffet and the food is served in this giant pirate ship. Needless to say, it is very unusual. I am trying to post some pics of the place but for some reason, it is not working. I will have to try again.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I am Thankful for...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I have, what feels like a million things left to do. How will Chanel be spending Thanksgiving you ask?? Well, not as grandly as I would like. I received an invite from an old high school friend who lives 4 hours from here, in the very beautiful mountains of N.C. I would love to be able to go and see her again , (the last time was Labor Day weekend) however, due to financial reasons I am unable to. I hope maybe by my birthday (Dec. 21) or by Christmas we can get together again. So to answer the original question of what my Thanksgiving plans are, well, I am staying at home and making dinner for a gentleman friend and myself. Same as last year. Holidays just don't seem the same since my parents passed away, especially my mom. (in 2007) All the rest of my extended family is many miles away in New Jersey so holidays are real small scale around here. I love to cook and I am the ultimate hostess.

 I sometimes swear I should have been living in the 1950's because I would make an awesome 50's housewife!! Or maybe a 1960's housewife since I don't really like the whole  "women don't have a life" mentality of the 1950's...women became more liberated in the 60's. However, I am by no means a feminist. I don't want equality with men...I want to be treated better!! ;) I think it was Marilyn Monroe that first said that.Seriously though, back in those days men put women up on pedestals and did chivalrous things like open car doors, or any door for that matter and carried packages.. Men treated women with respect and were romantic...things I crave in a man. I am a die-hard hopeless romantic!! Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on that side tangent, although it is very easy for me to do sometimes.

Back to Thanksgiving...I will be cooking for 2 so I am lucky. I do not envy the people that are cooking for crowds of people. I don't think I could handle it but honestly, I don't know because I never had to so who knows?? We are having turkey of course, along with my fave veggie dish, green bean casserole. I am not a cranberry lover, neither is my friend, so you won't find them on my table. I am trying a new recipe this year...a few actually....first off pumpkin orange soup. It sounded good in my Dinner Doctor cookbook. I am also going to try a sweet onion baked dip made with mayonnaise for a snack beforehand. Something I hav never really heard of before until recently.

I will be serving sweet Hawaiian rolls with honey butter, apple stuffing (another first) and either cheddar broccoli rice, mashed potatoes or some form of sweet potato pie. I haven't decided yet. I am normally not this last minute but my plans changed suddenly this year. As for dessert, I will be making my fave new recipe, RITZ mock apple pie which I love because it tastes awesome and it is so easy and like zero prep work...not one apple to peel because it is made with RITZ crackers!! You would never believe the difference, it tastes that much like the original. I will be making a new dessert which I am anxious to see how it turns out...creamy pumpkin pie but I will be adding pecans and caramel so it will really be decadent. MMMMMM!!! And on the side some Maple Nut ice cream...perfect this time of year. Plus I am a major fan of maple anything, syrup, sausage,bacon,fudge etc!!

So that is what is going on with Turkey Day. I got off-topic a bit but that's ok because it pertained to the holiday but what I really wanted to write about was what I am truly thankful friends and family of course, my special gent who will be sharing the day with me and I am very glad for this. I am thankful for what I do. I feel truly blessed because I have so much fun and really love what I do. I am VERY thankful for the opportunity that I had to model and am oh so thankful that I finally have my own little corner of the internet on I am thankful for all the people that have helped me along the way to be able to make some of my dreams come true and make Chanel L'Amour a reality. I cannot leave out  the people who have truly been a source of inspiration to me, my fans!! I am thankful for each and every one of you!! I love you all and would not be me without you!! XOXO
I am thanful for the internet. It gives me something to do 18 hrs. a day!! lol I am thankful for a lot of things most of us take for granted, being alive, breathing, good food,music,change of seasons etc. but I don't want to go on all night since I have my kitchen calling my name. However, there is one thing I need to mention before I go...even though every day I wake I mourn my parents and  miss them more than anyone could imagine...I am VERY Thankful that they chose me to adopt and I am thankful for every second they were in my life!! Ok, now I must go because I am starting to get sentimental!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! Until Next time....Blogs & Kisses, Chanel

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Update on Chanel's website...

This post should have been posted a while ago, but better late than never. The latest post is a wonderfully sexy outdoor set which Chanel stars as "Big Red Riding Hood".  The set is cleverly titled, "Waiting for My Big Bad Wolf"...wouldn't you like to be her big, bad, wolf?? ;)

So stop by and see what's new....
Special holiday pricing good until January 1,2011, so sign up NOW!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a day!!

Today was just one of those days for me!! I thought it was going to be a good day because I was taken out for breakfast which rarely happens because I am a night owl and not so much a morning person. However, I do LOVE going out to eat, especially breakfast!! I don't know what it is about going out for breakfast but almost everything looks good on the menu. It is not like some places that get creative with traditional recipes and end up ruining the flavor or overpowering it. etc. Breakfast is breakfast to me. Anyway, we went to this awesome place called "Mac's Breakfast Anytime". It is a nice little no frills, breakfast/lunch place with good home cooking, mostly southern style. (which makes sense since I live in the South lol) I had my usual when I go there...a sausage,egg and cheese biscuit with homefries. Gotta have me some homefries....yummmy!!! My dad passed on down his love of potaotes for breakfast to me I guess. Food was good, except some of my homefries were a little undercooked but it didn't ruin the overall meal.

The perfect ending to the meal was when some lady came up from behind me and told me what a cute sweater I was wearing. Now I am a big-time holiday lover (which is why you will see many holiday themed sets in my fanclub) so I am very festive and dress accordingly. I had a navy sweater on with falling autumn leaves, a scarecrow, pumpkin and a turkey knitted on it. I was proud of my sweater and love it and it made me feel nice that someone took the time out of their own life to pay someone a compliment. I always try to do that, even though people may look at me like I am weird but if I like their perfume, jewelry, hairstyle or color I will let them know. I know it makes me feel good when I get compliments from stragers so I hope my comments make their day as well.

Ok, so after breakfast, I had planned on going to visit my uncle. He is in his 70's and lives in a group home and is in poor health so I try to visit him whenever I can. My visits seem to do him some good so I am more than happy to visit him, especially since I am his only relative he has around here.

 Anyway, I know when I get there, there is going to be some "odd" for a lack of a better word, people there, people who might not be in their right mind or who have the brutal honesty of a child and would blurt out things that most average people would keep to themselves. My uncles roommate is what I call a mixed breed, he is not all there but he means well and is sweet and helpful, not too mention annoying too. lol (sorry) As soon as we pull up, "Paul" comes to greet us at the car and points out the house across the street and asks us a lot of questions but he remembers me and tells me that my uncle has a cold. He then holds the door open for me like a gent. Like I said he can be very sweet and means well..he just gets in your face a bit. As we were there, I heard him sitting out on the front porch by himself singing "jingle Bells" very loudly and proudly. It was kind of cute.

 "Paul" was never one of my uncle's favorite people, even though he means well. I think it has to do with the fact that my uncle is "slow" and sligtly mentally retarded, not really noticeable...he just sees shy if he doesn't know you. Anyway, when people are noticeably mentally hadicapped, like Paul, I think it annoys my uncle because he doesn't want to accept his own capabilities because he doesn't think of himself like that. When my uncle first went to this group home, he was the one that had most of his wits you might say and since he was advanced compared to the others, they tried to keep him active. (whereas most napped or watched tv all day)

So anyway, I think I am prepared to handle whatever they can throw at me.Boy, was I wrong!! While in the sitting room, where mostly everyone was, (except for xmas carolling Paul lol) some woman asked me how much I weighed. It took me by surprise!! I was in a state of shock. I knew I shouldn't let her get to me because she lived in a group home and probably didn't know any better but somehow she got to me. I didn't know what to say to her. I am not one to mouth off. I was raised to be a lady and yet I was not sure how to handle standing up for myself with an eldery woman in a group home.I mumbled out "I don't know." I knew it was none of her business but I felt that I could not tell her that no matter how much I wanted to. My face felt hot. I felt like I wanted to cry,but didn't. I was upset she ruined my "sweater compliment high". Just as I was saying good-bye to my uncle, the "how much does she weigh" lady struck again. She asked the caregiver there who I was and then asked her "How much do you think that lady weighs?" The caregiver had the perfect response, she looked at me and then at her and said ,"I don't know it is none of my business." Exactly what I wanted to say to granny all along. I know it shouldn't have bothered me and I was being silly to let it affect me at all but somehow it did. It was one of those odd little curveballs that life throws at you every once in a while. I was just unprepared. And to think I was a girl scout too!! lol

Anyway, to end the day on a postive note...there was a lady on the sofa next to "how much does she weigh" woman, a woman who I have seen talk to herself on occasion. As I was getting ready to walk out the door, that lady said she really liked the home movie dvd that I brought for my uncle to watch and she remarked how pretty I was. I smiled and remembered how last time I was here, I kept hearing her say I was pretty to the caregiver and how I had a very nice smile. Ok, I know she probably isn't all there either, but  I am going to for my own sake imagine she is like Paul and means well!!! lol Or maybe her blurts are nice and not mean....maybe her brutal honesty is she really thinks I am attractive. I will settle for that. Sorry for rambling but I felt like venting. Better blog next time, I promise. Blogs and Kisses, Chanel

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My First Post

Welcome to my first blog post!!! Suddenly, I feel writer's block! lol Well,what can I tell you about me...I am an adult webmodel on a multi-girl site which I absolutely love!! I started my career in 2007, when I modeled for redhotphatgirlz. In 2009, I had my own online column, "Living Large with Chanel", on the now defunct, bbw adult online magazine. I got to write about my take on being a big beautiful woman in a weight obsessed,media-driven world and the many issues, that plus size people face on a day to day basis.

I really enjoyed being heard and being cheered on by others who understood the plight we face as "fat" people.I also praised the full-figured woman and would practically shout how sexy bbw's are.So hopefully, writing this blog will help me feel like I am once again helping women discover they can be sexy at any size or age.I truly believe this. If I didn't I would never do what I do for a living. I am a cheerleader for bbw's!!

I also would like to use this blog as a way for my fans to get to know me better. Feel free to ask me may not always get an answer but it doesn't hurt to ask. lol I will let you know about upcoming photo sets, past photo sets and ideas I have for future ones. I welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have.

Well,I guess that is all for now. It is 2:34 am and I am getting sleepy so good night for now. Until next time....blogs & kisses,Chanel