Saturday, May 7, 2011

Miss me???

After a lengthy absence, I am finally back...for good. I was hoping I would be back a lot sooner but I had some issues to deal with that delayed me. So here I am again!!! It is good to be back and honestly I missed being in touch with everyone. I was beginning to suffer from net withdrawal. lol 

While I was away, I was reunited with an old "girlfriend" of mine and when I say that I don't just meant she was a friend of mine (which she of course is) but we also were intimate with one another. We had a brief fling about 4 yrs. ago, before she moved away from the area. I really missed her when she was gone. We had even got tattooed together. (that's when I got my peacock feather tat) We are talking about going and getting another one together. I really want another tat. (only 3 so far) I want to get the Chinese symbol for "passion" on my arm. I also want 2 butterflies , not sure exactly how I want them but I want it to be a tribute tattoo for my deceased parents. If we do get them done, I am going to make sure that I get pics and a video to post. This summer I think I am definitely get some new ink done. Tattoos are like potato chips, very addicting!! lol

I am planning on hanging out with my friend again sometime soon. We always have so much fun together, no matter what we do. ;) Well, I know I haven't said much and have been away for a while but I am starving and haven't eaten all day, so I am going to take a peak in the kitchen and see what I have in my pantry. Until next time, Blogs & Kisses, Chanel

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