Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a day!!

Today was just one of those days for me!! I thought it was going to be a good day because I was taken out for breakfast which rarely happens because I am a night owl and not so much a morning person. However, I do LOVE going out to eat, especially breakfast!! I don't know what it is about going out for breakfast but almost everything looks good on the menu. It is not like some places that get creative with traditional recipes and end up ruining the flavor or overpowering it. etc. Breakfast is breakfast to me. Anyway, we went to this awesome place called "Mac's Breakfast Anytime". It is a nice little no frills, breakfast/lunch place with good home cooking, mostly southern style. (which makes sense since I live in the South lol) I had my usual when I go there...a sausage,egg and cheese biscuit with homefries. Gotta have me some homefries....yummmy!!! My dad passed on down his love of potaotes for breakfast to me I guess. Food was good, except some of my homefries were a little undercooked but it didn't ruin the overall meal.

The perfect ending to the meal was when some lady came up from behind me and told me what a cute sweater I was wearing. Now I am a big-time holiday lover (which is why you will see many holiday themed sets in my fanclub) so I am very festive and dress accordingly. I had a navy sweater on with falling autumn leaves, a scarecrow, pumpkin and a turkey knitted on it. I was proud of my sweater and love it and it made me feel nice that someone took the time out of their own life to pay someone a compliment. I always try to do that, even though people may look at me like I am weird but if I like their perfume, jewelry, hairstyle or color I will let them know. I know it makes me feel good when I get compliments from stragers so I hope my comments make their day as well.

Ok, so after breakfast, I had planned on going to visit my uncle. He is in his 70's and lives in a group home and is in poor health so I try to visit him whenever I can. My visits seem to do him some good so I am more than happy to visit him, especially since I am his only relative he has around here.

 Anyway, I know when I get there, there is going to be some "odd" for a lack of a better word, people there, people who might not be in their right mind or who have the brutal honesty of a child and would blurt out things that most average people would keep to themselves. My uncles roommate is what I call a mixed breed, he is not all there but he means well and is sweet and helpful, not too mention annoying too. lol (sorry) As soon as we pull up, "Paul" comes to greet us at the car and points out the house across the street and asks us a lot of questions but he remembers me and tells me that my uncle has a cold. He then holds the door open for me like a gent. Like I said he can be very sweet and means well..he just gets in your face a bit. As we were there, I heard him sitting out on the front porch by himself singing "jingle Bells" very loudly and proudly. It was kind of cute.

 "Paul" was never one of my uncle's favorite people, even though he means well. I think it has to do with the fact that my uncle is "slow" and sligtly mentally retarded, not really noticeable...he just sees shy if he doesn't know you. Anyway, when people are noticeably mentally hadicapped, like Paul, I think it annoys my uncle because he doesn't want to accept his own capabilities because he doesn't think of himself like that. When my uncle first went to this group home, he was the one that had most of his wits you might say and since he was advanced compared to the others, they tried to keep him active. (whereas most napped or watched tv all day)

So anyway, I think I am prepared to handle whatever they can throw at me.Boy, was I wrong!! While in the sitting room, where mostly everyone was, (except for xmas carolling Paul lol) some woman asked me how much I weighed. It took me by surprise!! I was in a state of shock. I knew I shouldn't let her get to me because she lived in a group home and probably didn't know any better but somehow she got to me. I didn't know what to say to her. I am not one to mouth off. I was raised to be a lady and yet I was not sure how to handle standing up for myself with an eldery woman in a group home.I mumbled out "I don't know." I knew it was none of her business but I felt that I could not tell her that no matter how much I wanted to. My face felt hot. I felt like I wanted to cry,but didn't. I was upset she ruined my "sweater compliment high". Just as I was saying good-bye to my uncle, the "how much does she weigh" lady struck again. She asked the caregiver there who I was and then asked her "How much do you think that lady weighs?" The caregiver had the perfect response, she looked at me and then at her and said ,"I don't know it is none of my business." Exactly what I wanted to say to granny all along. I know it shouldn't have bothered me and I was being silly to let it affect me at all but somehow it did. It was one of those odd little curveballs that life throws at you every once in a while. I was just unprepared. And to think I was a girl scout too!! lol

Anyway, to end the day on a postive note...there was a lady on the sofa next to "how much does she weigh" woman, a woman who I have seen talk to herself on occasion. As I was getting ready to walk out the door, that lady said she really liked the home movie dvd that I brought for my uncle to watch and she remarked how pretty I was. I smiled and remembered how last time I was here, I kept hearing her say I was pretty to the caregiver and how I had a very nice smile. Ok, I know she probably isn't all there either, but  I am going to for my own sake imagine she is like Paul and means well!!! lol Or maybe her blurts are nice and not mean....maybe her brutal honesty is she really thinks I am attractive. I will settle for that. Sorry for rambling but I felt like venting. Better blog next time, I promise. Blogs and Kisses, Chanel

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