Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I am Thankful for...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I have, what feels like a million things left to do. How will Chanel be spending Thanksgiving you ask?? Well, not as grandly as I would like. I received an invite from an old high school friend who lives 4 hours from here, in the very beautiful mountains of N.C. I would love to be able to go and see her again , (the last time was Labor Day weekend) however, due to financial reasons I am unable to. I hope maybe by my birthday (Dec. 21) or by Christmas we can get together again. So to answer the original question of what my Thanksgiving plans are, well, I am staying at home and making dinner for a gentleman friend and myself. Same as last year. Holidays just don't seem the same since my parents passed away, especially my mom. (in 2007) All the rest of my extended family is many miles away in New Jersey so holidays are real small scale around here. I love to cook and I am the ultimate hostess.

 I sometimes swear I should have been living in the 1950's because I would make an awesome 50's housewife!! Or maybe a 1960's housewife since I don't really like the whole  "women don't have a life" mentality of the 1950's...women became more liberated in the 60's. However, I am by no means a feminist. I don't want equality with men...I want to be treated better!! ;) I think it was Marilyn Monroe that first said that.Seriously though, back in those days men put women up on pedestals and did chivalrous things like open car doors, or any door for that matter and carried packages.. Men treated women with respect and were romantic...things I crave in a man. I am a die-hard hopeless romantic!! Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on that side tangent, although it is very easy for me to do sometimes.

Back to Thanksgiving...I will be cooking for 2 so I am lucky. I do not envy the people that are cooking for crowds of people. I don't think I could handle it but honestly, I don't know because I never had to so who knows?? We are having turkey of course, along with my fave veggie dish, green bean casserole. I am not a cranberry lover, neither is my friend, so you won't find them on my table. I am trying a new recipe this year...a few actually....first off pumpkin orange soup. It sounded good in my Dinner Doctor cookbook. I am also going to try a sweet onion baked dip made with mayonnaise for a snack beforehand. Something I hav never really heard of before until recently.

I will be serving sweet Hawaiian rolls with honey butter, apple stuffing (another first) and either cheddar broccoli rice, mashed potatoes or some form of sweet potato pie. I haven't decided yet. I am normally not this last minute but my plans changed suddenly this year. As for dessert, I will be making my fave new recipe, RITZ mock apple pie which I love because it tastes awesome and it is so easy and like zero prep work...not one apple to peel because it is made with RITZ crackers!! You would never believe the difference, it tastes that much like the original. I will be making a new dessert which I am anxious to see how it turns out...creamy pumpkin pie but I will be adding pecans and caramel so it will really be decadent. MMMMMM!!! And on the side some Maple Nut ice cream...perfect this time of year. Plus I am a major fan of maple anything, syrup, sausage,bacon,fudge etc!!

So that is what is going on with Turkey Day. I got off-topic a bit but that's ok because it pertained to the holiday but what I really wanted to write about was what I am truly thankful friends and family of course, my special gent who will be sharing the day with me and I am very glad for this. I am thankful for what I do. I feel truly blessed because I have so much fun and really love what I do. I am VERY thankful for the opportunity that I had to model and am oh so thankful that I finally have my own little corner of the internet on I am thankful for all the people that have helped me along the way to be able to make some of my dreams come true and make Chanel L'Amour a reality. I cannot leave out  the people who have truly been a source of inspiration to me, my fans!! I am thankful for each and every one of you!! I love you all and would not be me without you!! XOXO
I am thanful for the internet. It gives me something to do 18 hrs. a day!! lol I am thankful for a lot of things most of us take for granted, being alive, breathing, good food,music,change of seasons etc. but I don't want to go on all night since I have my kitchen calling my name. However, there is one thing I need to mention before I go...even though every day I wake I mourn my parents and  miss them more than anyone could imagine...I am VERY Thankful that they chose me to adopt and I am thankful for every second they were in my life!! Ok, now I must go because I am starting to get sentimental!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! Until Next time....Blogs & Kisses, Chanel

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