Thursday, November 18, 2010

My First Post

Welcome to my first blog post!!! Suddenly, I feel writer's block! lol Well,what can I tell you about me...I am an adult webmodel on a multi-girl site which I absolutely love!! I started my career in 2007, when I modeled for redhotphatgirlz. In 2009, I had my own online column, "Living Large with Chanel", on the now defunct, bbw adult online magazine. I got to write about my take on being a big beautiful woman in a weight obsessed,media-driven world and the many issues, that plus size people face on a day to day basis.

I really enjoyed being heard and being cheered on by others who understood the plight we face as "fat" people.I also praised the full-figured woman and would practically shout how sexy bbw's are.So hopefully, writing this blog will help me feel like I am once again helping women discover they can be sexy at any size or age.I truly believe this. If I didn't I would never do what I do for a living. I am a cheerleader for bbw's!!

I also would like to use this blog as a way for my fans to get to know me better. Feel free to ask me may not always get an answer but it doesn't hurt to ask. lol I will let you know about upcoming photo sets, past photo sets and ideas I have for future ones. I welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have.

Well,I guess that is all for now. It is 2:34 am and I am getting sleepy so good night for now. Until next time....blogs & kisses,Chanel

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