Friday, January 14, 2011

Tired of the Winter...Ready for Spring

Well, we got pummeled with snow and ice again this week. Most businesses were closed for 2 1/2-3 days!! The South may not get hit with severe winter weather very often but they need to be prepared for it. We got hit twice in a short span of only 2 weeks!!! This is really unusual, but life happens sometimes and that's when we seem to need to be prepared the most. Snow shovel are almost unheard of around here. Since we don't get a lot of snow and when we do it usually melts within a day or so, so I was actually starting to miss it in December. I was welcoming the snow with open arms. 

I think maybe within the last 3 years (other then recently) we had snow maybe 2 times total and it was gone within 3 days or so. (most likely less than 2) And being from NJ, I was used to the snow and cold and come Christmas time every year would find myself missing it. Well, this year my Xmas wish came true but it was a day late!! Dec. 26th we got 3-5", which granted isn't a lot but for NC, that is practically a blizzard!! Now last Monday morning we got hit with another 3-5" plus a thick helping of ice on top of it. Plus, I live in a house that is over 40 years old and needs new windows, so it tends to be drafty when the temperature drops and it has been in the teens at night and mostly in the mid 30's-40's in the day. By nature,  I am cold-natured, so I have been wearing thick sweat jackets/hoodies over sweaters. Never have I felt so damn chilly in this house. Just one of the reasons I LOVE snuggling and cuddling in the winter time, especially if you are a human furnace and radiate heat. I will cling to you like white on rice!!! lol 

So I have decided, I am OVER winter now. I had my thrill with the beautiful scenery that having a winter wonderland provides, but the hell with that I am freezing my ass off and that is a whole lotta ass to freeze!! lol So I am officially saying to Jack Frost, "Enough Already!!" He needs to take his icy butt down to Florida and work on his tan. I bet he is pale as a mother fucker! Once he thaws out and gets his "Coppertone" on and soaks up the rays by the pool, I am sure he might want to reconsider all this snow, ice and cold crap that he has been bombarding us with. Anyway, so stick a fork in me, I am done. :)

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