Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Chanel!!

Happy Birthday to Me!! Happy Birthday to Me!! Happy Birthday Dear Chanel!!! Happy Birthday to Meee!!! LOL Yes, I am another year older today...41. However, in many ways, I still feel 18. I wish I still looked it!! But with age comes wisdom, or so they say. I don't know exactly how wise I feel today. Truthfully, I would rather be back in bed. I did NOT want to get up today. It was so nice and warm in my bed but I felt guilty sleeping my special day away, so I got up. I need to drag myself to the shower and start getting ready for my night out. 

My boyfriend, for lack of a better term, (he is not my favorite person in the world right now) wants to take me out for my birthday. That is a very sweet gesture and I do appreciate it but part of me doesn't feel like going out for several reasons actually. My eye is very irritated and is driving me bonkers for one. Since our "falling out", I am not feeling very romantic or cozy/cuddly. I am still hurt and I am not the type of person who can just sweep things under the rug. I am doing my best to make the best out of a bad situation but sometimes that ain't enough. I  just don't know.Besides,it doesn't look like such a great day out either. It is cold out presumably since it is December. 

Also, I don't know if I can find what I want to wear. I do realize I have a closet crammed to the gills with clothes, but I don't have a lot of winter outfits suitable for a nice dinner out. I can wear a dressy sweater and nice pants but I am in a dress mood. Laying in bed last night , awake by the sound of LOUD , annoying snoring, (lol) I took the time to go through my closet in my head and decided on a turquoise velvet ruffle dress. It is a gorgeous dress and looks festive. It has short sleeves though, but I assume the restaurant will have the heat on and won't sit us near the door. The perfect shoes for such an occasion are my black and turquoise velvet slip-on heels. They are stunningly beautiful as shoes go!! I was so excited when I finally bought them. I just hope I can find everything in time for dinner. My clothes/shoes tend to wander away from the closet a lot of times. I should go look for them now but again I am just not feeling like moving. Can we say LAZY??!! It is MY birthday and I am entitled to BE anyway I feel, at least for the next 24 hrs.!! lol

We are going to Raffaele's, my favorite Italian restaurant where I hope to indulge (or overindulge) in amazing garlic dinner rolls with ranch dressing, (really good) salad, yummy Veal Parmesan (my fave dish) with a side of garlic butter pasta and to top it all off with either cannolli  or their sinfully good almond cake. (either way I am good) Well, I was just informed that I better start getting ready. God, he knows me sooo well!! lol Yes, I am a woman and I take an eternity to get ready but hey, I am worth the wait!! ;)

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