Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa, I can

I think for the most part I have been good this year. And I have a birthday that is slowly creeping up in 9 short days and for once, I wouldn't mind a combo (xmas/birthday) gift. I tried to think of something I wanted for Christmas this year.However, I am blessed by having a lot of things, lots of stuff and a nice place to keep it all . I love holidays and always have!! As long as I could remember, I always loved any type of celebrations. Any reason to celebrate or any milestone to mark ceremoniously  is good enough for me!! 

After my father passed away in 2004, holidays took a very different turn for my mother and me. They were very quiet and not fully "celebrated" like in years passed. It was not the same. I knew my mom lost her Christmas spirit after my dad died. I think she missed him until the day she died in 2007. I know I miss them both very much still and feel like part of me died with them. However, their memory never will. Anyway, before I get too morbidly maudlin, let me get back to my original subject of holidays,Christmas in particular.

I love gifts!! Giving them gives me such a thrill,but I admit I really love getting them too!! What can I say?? I love to be spoiled and pampered...something that sadly, hasn't happened in a real long time. 

Anyway, Like I was saying, after the passing of my dad, things changed in my family. Long gone were the days of hours spent Christmas morning unwrapping gifts and making a wrapping paper mess all around the Christmas tree. The big holiday meals were also too much of a bother now. I don't know if I had mentioned it or not, but  when I was 18, my immediate family moved away from NJ to NC, (where I have resided the past 23 years) leaving all my extended family behind. (half-brothers, sisters-in-law,nieces,nephews,aunts,cousins etc.) This changed our holiday celebrations from a crowded house of people down to 3 people and maybe a couple friends. I missed those large family gatherings and I guess I still do. Well, my mom was growing older and more forgetful, so holiday shopping was difficult for her. I remember having to show her what I wanted and then seeing whatever I picked out in the cart when we would go checkout. Don't get me wrong...I was grateful for whatever she bought me but it is nice to be surprised. So that pretty much ended my surprises!! Soon after that, mom and I just didn't bother with really celebrating Xmas and then she died.

My ex-boyfriend really didn't have a clue when it came to gifts. No wonder he needed his mother's help!! I am sorry but when you are in your mid to late 30's and you can't buy your girlfriend a nice gift, you have something wrong with you!!It isn't exactly rocket science!! lol 

His mother even bought me nicer gifts then he did. His mom got me an unusual gold necklace and pj's with snowflakes on them and for my birthday she got me a pink Winnie the Pooh hoodie that I absolutely loved!!! She was worried I wouldn't like it because she is the type of person that believes only children should like cartoon characters!! Her son was into comic books and that really grinded her gears!! She was always trying to get him to get rid of them or sell them and he had an entire room full!! 

Anyway, for my birthday and Christmas presents he gave me a box full of comics for one!! I didn't even like comics, but in fairness, he had some cool titles in there about rock stars that I liked. He also bought me an ear bud thingy for my cell phone which I think I only used once because I don't drive and talk on my phone normally. I also got a Barbie doll case, I guess because I collected Barbies at the time. (but I didn't play with them). A Mickey Mouse beach towel. (that one still puzzles me) and a Winnie the pooh poster. I know he tried with the poster but he knew I liked Pooh collectibles and wasn't keen on posters because I did not want to hang any on the wall.

 I don't know about him though because even on Valentine's Day, I got weird things....a Curious George dvd (I liked George when I was a kid) and not the big cartoon movie that came out a few years was a 20 minute cartoon based on one of his books. He also bought me an African violet which at first I thought was weird until he explained and then I loved it. He said roses/cut flowers end up dying in a week or so and this way, I would have a pretty flower that would last. Pretty smart for a guy who acted like he never met me when it came to buying me presents. I believe he didn't even giftwrap my presents either and that is a pet-peeve of mine. Another one is last minute shoppers...people who wait until Dec. 24 to do their shopping!!! To me that says, I have to buy you a gift but you just aren't important enough for me to put any real thought into it. UGH!!!

And my current beau, has never bought me anything for my b-day or Christmas or any other holiday for that matter. Maybe I am spoiled or have been in the past but I miss wondering what someone got me for a present and tearing into a nicely wrapped package. I was hoping that my friend and I would exchange gifts this year,but I am doubtful. As I stated earlier, I do have LOTS of things and for the past few years, I haven't really asked for anything, other than the occasional DVD or book. And this year, there are a few things that not only do I want but that I actually do need. I won't go into them all because it would bore you...some are very trivial things like socks. lol 

But the one thing, I really want more than anything is a new digital camera. I informed Santa what it was that I wanted and even left the website open to the exact one I want too!! (in purple) AND last night I was so tickled because I found an ad for Kodak and it stated it was having a big holiday sale on every item online. I was on their website just the day before because I received an email newsletter from them, giving me a special code for 30% off anything online. The camera I wanted was already marked down $10 but was still a bit more expensive than my local store. However, I noticed free shipping AND a 2 G memory card with purchase, as well as a free photo album. Not bad,eh? So I visited their site again and the camera is now marked down $20, which makes it .05 cheaper than my local store and I still have an additional 30% off too!! So all excited I planted the seed again today and still nothing, no reaction!!

I sincerely hope that Santa reads this and takes pity on me!! I WANT THAT CAMERA!!!
I have been good,Santa...really I have. Ok, I can hear the roar of laughter.      

Pllleeaaasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please with cherries on top and whipped cream and even sprinkles!! Ok, this is beneath even ME. I hate groveling!!! lol But I still really want that purple camera!! Oh,Lordy I sense men with big white coats and butterfly nets coming to pay me a visit and I don't think they are coming for tea and cucumber sandwiches either!! lol

If you are unfortunate enough to still be reading this, I thank you and wish you a very Happy Holidays!! Until next time...Blogs & Kisses, Chanel

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